As an almost inevitable offshoot of our research, and in order to provide more immediate diffusion for our work, some kind of regular publication is needed. Ideally this should be a serial one (newsletter, bulletin, journal), though the cost and complexity of the task are at present beyond our means (both the LIMEN Group and The Gateway Press operate on shoestring budgets and rely heavily on volunteer work). What we can do to begin with is to transform an already ongoing series, The TRELLIS Papers, into an electronic publication.
The advantages of this would be several. On the one hand, it would reduce costs considerably; on the other, it would give the series a wider dissemination than we could hope to obtain in print format. Too, digital editing would free the series from the usual constraints affecting size, lay-out, number of pages, use of colour and so on. Additionally, keeping to the original series meant we could retain title, editorial board, and legal and administrative arrangements. While plans for a true serial publication remain under consideration, and although The TRELLIS Papers was designed as an occasional irregular venue, re-floating it as an electronic publication seems worth a try. Our first step will be to give it a bias in the direction that at present most interests us; thus, while welcoming, as before, contributions on all subjects with a methodological slant, we particularly invite articles that tackle aspects of liminalist enquiry.
A new series has been created, GOTHIC BOURNES, to host a growing number of mostly eighteenth-century pre- and para-Gothic materials transcribed by postgraduate studentsd in the MA course “Editing Gothic Texts”.

And there is, of course, our initial collection, Studies in Liminality and Literature (SLL), which, against many odds, has managed to produce eight volumes of research on liminality. A ninth will soon be out, and we hope we can upload all nine titles to this site over the next few months.