Project title: TRANSITIONS
Acronym: TP
Group: The LIMEN Research Group
PI: Manuel Aguirre, Emeritus (UAM)
Senior researchers: Francisco Fuentes (UAM); Belén Piqueras (UAM); Beatriz
Sánchez (EOI); Robert K. Shepherd (UAM); Isabel Soto (UNED); Trevor
Westmoreland (UAM); Paola del Zoppo (Tuscia).
PhD candidates: Elena Bermejo; Tareixa García de Polavieja; Andrés Guilló; Jennifer Harding; Simon Pritchard; Mª Luisa Sánchez-Rivas; Melisa Teves.
Advisory panel: Nancy Bredendick (UAM); Mary Farrell (UJI); Ineke Jolink (Paris);
Miriam Mandel (Tel-Aviv); Esteban Pujals (UAM); Roberta Quance (QUB).
Webmaster: Ina Böttger (Germany)
Institution: UAM
Timeline: 2022-2025
Funding bodies: the project currently operates without institutional or governmental

UAM: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid; UNED: Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia; EOI: Escuela Oficial de Idiomas; UJI: Universitat Jaume I; QUB: Queen’s University Belfast; Tuscia: University of Tuscia, Viterbo.

For over twenty-five years the LIMEN Research Group has striven to place the concept of liminality on the map of literature studies. The Transitions Project has chosen to concentrate on the analysis of transitions because there is danger in dwelling overmuch on a locative reading of liminality, with the attendant static understanding of thresholds. The project seeks a morphology and a typology of transitions as a means to grasp the dynamic nature of the limen, its indissoluble link to process. It thus shifts the focus of analysis from a topocentric to a liminocentric approach to the textual, and deals not primarily with sites but with the processes which take place on or generate limina.

Contingencies: Health issues and the Covid-19 pandemic have slowed down when not prevented work in some cases, and a number of initiatives have been delayed vis-à-vis our original timeline (2021-24), which has accordingly been updated to October 2022-September 2025.

This is an open project. We hearti
ly invite collaboration by researchers from Spain, Europe and elsewhere.


For further details, information or queries, contact
manuel.n.aguirre@gmail.com or belen.piqueras@uam.es.